Our Piercing Process

Safety and quality is our #1 priority at Neon Dragon Piercing. Our progressive approach starts with quality materials from the best manufacturers and the most knowledgeable staff in the area: we never skimp on quality or safety. We begin by implementing the best known practices, high quality jewelry from a trusted brand, medical grade autoclave sterilization for each procedure, and professional aftercare products. The Neon Dragon Piercing staff invites you to try a re-imagined piercing experience cultivated specifically for you.

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  1. Before you arrive

We generally suggest eating at least four hours prior to your arrival. Having a general idea of what piercing(s) you would like to have done is great. Otherwise our staff will be more than happy to suggest ideas. Make sure to bring your valid photo I.D. If you are under the age of 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian with you that can also furnish a valid photo I.D. If addresses on the I.D.’s do not match, a birth certificate or other proof of legal guardianship will be necessary in addition to the I.D.’s (for minors only).


2. Select Your Jewelry

Once you arrive at our studio, one of our piercing staff members will guide you through the process of selecting appropriate jewelry for the piercing(s) you desire. We have an extensive selection of jewelry for you to choose from. We have something for everyone! You will then be required to complete a release form, or may fill out ahead of time (Here.)


3. Sterilization of the jewelry

Once your jewelry is selected, you will be asked to initial a vapor line integrator. This is used to verify proper completion of sterilization. Your piercer for the day will process your piercing setup in a STATIM autoclave. The tools, jewelry, and new single-use needles needed for your piercing will run a complete sterile cycle and will be verified with you prior to being pierced by the integrator strip you initialed earlier.


4. Prepping the Piercing Site

While the sterilization cycle completes, your piercer will take you back to one of our privatized piercing rooms and start the process of skin preparation for the piercing site. We start with an alcohol swab for preparation of the piercing site, and mark for the piercing on this freshly prepped skin with a single use disposable OP surgical prep marker. Once you confirm placement of the mark with your piercer they will finish your skin preparation with a Povidone-Iodine swabstick. If you have a rubbing alcohol or Iodine sensitivities, please let your piercer know so we can accommodate an alternate skin preparation for you!


5. The Piercing Process

Once the skin is fully prepped,the sterile cycle of the autoclave completes and is verified, we will move to the actual piercing! Here at Neon Dragon we use a complete sterile setup for each and every client being pierced. Your piercer will don sterile gloves and remove the jewelry and tools from autoclave. Depending on the piercing, we may choose to use a sterile drape as well. From here your piercer will walk you through the process of actually piercing and have you take some big deep breaths. Communication is the key! These deep breaths are used as a pain management technique and will make your piercing experience easy for both you and your piercer. Once both you and your piercer are ready and comfortable with the process, they will pierce you. Once you are pierced and your chosen jewelry is installed, your piercer will dispose of needles and tools, and will remove the iodine prep with a sterile wipe.


6. Check out your AWESOME new Piercing.

(and remember don’t touch it!)