Our Sterilization Practices and Other Services



Here at Neon Dragon Piercing we take our client and staff safety very seriously.  A healthy piercing begins with the steps prior to the actual piercing. Neon Dragon’s staff chooses to use nothing but the best practices and products to ensure client safety.  

We utilize a Statim autoclave for sterilization of tools and jewelry prior to piercing, as statim autoclaves have proven very reliable and efficient over the years for our purposes. Before each procedure we process a Vapor Line-Steam Sterilization-Type 5 Integrator strip with all needles, tools and jewelry: this ensures that each cycle passes the sterilization process.  Vapor Line-Type 5 integrator strips are designed to show equivalence in performance to biological indicators. During sterilization, the dark bar migrates along a paper wick through PASS and FAIL areas, indicating whether the sterilization conditions were met. The PASS result assures that conditions in the sterilized pack were sufficient to kill even the most resistant forms of microorganisms plus an "overkill period" - a safety zone beyond the spore death curve for an additional level of sterilization security.


Sterilization Monitoring Program

 In addition to the initialed integrator per procedure, we also voluntarily enroll in The University of Iowa Sterilization Monitoring Program to test our autoclaves on a regular basis. We submit biological indicator test strips weekly to ensure proper function of all of our autoclave sterilizers.  This insures that we are not giving false positive test results. Although none of these precautionary measures are required by local laws or the state of Iowa, we simply choose to function at a level that ensures the safety of our clients.

In-house Water Distillation


We choose to distill our water in-house with an Aquastat Water Distiller to reduce the our footprint on the environment. This also gives us the ability to monitor the quality of water that is used in our studio. Aquastat Counter-top Water Distillers vaporize tap water and then reconstitute it through condensation, effectively killing and removing contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, particles, dissolved solids, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.

In-house Anodization Services


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant anodic oxide finish. In other words: anodizing is a process that uses electricity to build up a layer of oxide on the surface of jewelry which causes an interference in how light reflects off the jewelry, and creates the appearance of a specified “coloring.” Unlike dyes or coatings anodizing does not flake off, and is actually beneficial for creating an additional layer of protection from the jewelry to your healing piercing. Anodizing can create a wide range of color choices for Titanium and Niobium jewelry, and it is a service that we offer in-house to our clients.


In-house Jewelry Cleaning


Give the jewelry you love a little love back. We offer free jewelry cleaning services for pieces purchased from us! Is your diamond not shining like it once did? Is your gold a little less “golden” then before? Just bring it in, and our staff will happily revive your treasured pieces of jewelry. Not only do we steam clean jewelry back to perfection, but we also inspect each piece cleaned and hand buff it back to the luster it once had.

Don’t forget that jewelry purchased directly from us has a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer’s defects.